About JRW

We are insurance brokers specializing in Employee Benefits Plans for firms that range from large to small. We design plans based on our client's expressed needs and desires and also our assessment of available carriers and programs that might suit their needs and preferences.
J. Ralph Watkins & Associates, Inc. has a solid reputation and strong working relationship with all major carriers for group benefits and as well as individual products. Our group insurance clients range from two-person companies to groups with several hundred employees. We also welcome the opportunity to work with profit and non-profit organizations.
    Our Philosophy
  • Your Employee Benefits Administrator should feel supported by the Insurer's Customer Service Staff.
  • Your Broker should understand your work environment and know which carrier can best serve your needs.
  • Your Broker should be a bridge between your need to be fiscally responsible and your desire to get the most and/or best for your money.
    What makes the difference in getting the most for what you pay? A good benefits package
  • Comes from understanding what your plans provide for your company and its employees and their families.
  • Should offer levels of coverage that accommodate the majority of your employees.
    Some Truths about Benefits Planning . . .
  • As small and emerging businesses evolve, so must their approach to addressing benefit issues as they relate to retention and acquisition of a quality work force.
  • Cost is always a primary concern for all businesses no matter what their size.
  • Saving time and controlling costs are vital to a small business owner. The problems may not be as great as those of larger corporations. However, they are no less important.
  • One of the things larger corporations do to help solve some of their problems is to hire a consulting firm to assist them in their decision making. One area in which they have turned to the experts in is the area of Employee Benefits.
    Why are small business owners not doing the things that are working for larger businesses?
  • Cost (concern about fees that may be associated with the service)
  • Lack of Opportunity (No one has ever approached them about performing the service.)
  • Lack of knowledge about what a consultant brings to the business of managing employee benefits.
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